Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the happiest and meaningful days of your life, but it’s also maybe the busiest one! After the big day is over all that’s left ( (other than your awesome wife/husband of course!) ) is the amazing memories of the special day flew by. Having an independent professional wedding videographer there to record those precious moments can make the difference! So, let’s get deeper in the topic to know why Wedding Videography even matters and how a wedding film can be a keepsake as special as your Big day.

Who is a wedding videographer and what does he do?

A wedding videographer is a creative professional that combines creativity with powerful storytelling and rich technologies, to craft unique wedding movies. He is the author of a story, who will be living “behind scene” with the couple, well before the wedding, in order to craft each wedding film, tailored to a couple’s unique personality. An independent wedding videographer deals with a bunch of aspects: from the direction to the storytelling, from the image to audio, from music to color correction and finally editing. That’s why this professional is continually keeping in step with times in the field of video, audio, color, and storytelling techniques.

Why Wedding Videography Is Essential Than Photography?

If until now you had considered Wedding Videography more like an optional choice over Photography, you are probably underestimating some of its great benefits. A photograph of both of you exchanging your vows is spectacular, but in years to come, will you remember the tone of your voices when emotion overcame you?  A professional photo can do wonders, but it won’t let you listen to the sweet words you said to each other.  A film will do that! Sometimes, what makes our moments special is properly the words we have spoken to each other. Memories infact, are more about emotions, and when it comes to emotions, nothing can beat the “sound”.  While Photography is a visual art, Videography is a mixture of pictures and sounds.

Memento Story Film

Why should you hire an independent creative professional?

There are many great reasons why hiring an indipendent wedding videographer. Let’s get why this professional  shouldn’t be missing from any Wedding Package. Certainly more and more couples choose to rely upon an independent professional Videographer to keep the memories of such an important day. You’re wondering why? That’s because we don’t just curate the image, as often happens when entrusting to a photo studio  the creation of the video. We’ll actually take care of every aspect of the story, from the audio, which is half of the good production of a video, to the color, which is also extremely important for  the mood of the story. This means that you can produce a professional film that will star you and your partner and give you a chance to be the star of this event. It would also be a wonderful visual reminder of this joyous occasion,  to share with friends and relatives who could not be at your wedding, as well as with your future children! 

How to choose the right independent wedding videographer?

There are many aspects of a wedding happening in different places at the same time such as the bridesmaids arrival, the groom buttoning up his shirt and fixing his cufflinks and other memories that you may have missed. Hiring a wedding videographer means have a chance to see everything that was going on all around, since this professional can capture those moments and piece it together for you. But to get the most of each wedding video, empathy that must arise with the couple, is pretty essential! By creating a confidential relationship, the videographer can relive the emotion and authentic feelings of that day, crafting a unique  video shaped on the different needs of each couple. Infact accompanying them during the entire wedding day, it is very important for the videographer in order to feel directly their emotions and bring them back into their wedding film. This way you won’t risk ending up with a stranger by your side, on such a unique day, as often happens choosing third party video services 


Wedding videos trigger your five senses, memories and emotions like no other medium can! Hiring an independent wedding videographer means having  a professional filming the biggest day of your life, so it’s essential to choose him according to  empathy, style, storytelling skills, which best suits your personality and tastes. If you still have not found your perfect wedding photographer, it’s time to do it! We’ll be honoured to film your marriage, find out why so many couples choose us and then get in touch for a free chat.