Francesco&Valentina Wedding in the Gulf of Gaeta

Francesco&Valentina Wedding in the Gulf of Gaeta

Francesco&Valentina are a young sparkling couple living in Rome, but respectively from Gaeta and Limatola, a tiny village nearby it. We have been invited the day before the ceremony, as the wedding preparation would have been take place very early. Some of us, who dealt with the bride, enjoyed the staying in Limatola, immersed in its beautiful countryside, others following the groom,  have been hosted in the splendid Gulf of Gaeta. The amazing shooting by Marco Tutone at the old Cathedral of Gaeta  created the perfect heirlooms of this wedding, we still remember  for its joyful atmosphere, actually we can still feel the uncompromising happiness we saw in their eyes while exchanging their promises.

What could be the more fairy scene than your better half who whispers his love under a romantic sky lightened up by magnificient fireworks, at Villa Caribe property, surrounded by the olive groves in amongst the mountains of the Aurunci natural park.

Francesco&Valentina’s wedding film is a special cinematic keepsake that pays homage to the authenticity of this couple, and to the importance of strong family ties and friendship in their lives. A very touching scene of the video is the unexpected guests’s interviews that Francesco e Valentina ended up seeing just after receiving the whole film.


Villa Caribe


Marco Tutone