Somewhere In Rome. Wedding at Villa Aurelia

Somewhere In Rome. Wedding at Villa Aurelia

Paolo and Flaminia are a sparkling genuine Roman couple with two lovely kids, who walked them down the aisle on the big day, making the whole ceremony even more touching. It was not at all a  traditional wedding, it turned rather into an incredible feast of friends celebrated in a stunning Roman Villa Aurelia,surrounded by huge open air spaces, with breathtaking view on the city’s timeless monuments.

Their wedding film is as lively and dinamic as its characters, and the general atmosphere of joy and delightness of the day. The couple and their beloved friends kept on enjoying themselves dancing all night long, cheered by a talented band of musicians. A very amazing scene is that showing the vibrant night disco party played by such a special dj, the groom! The video goes also through some frames of the funny serenade performed by Paolo and Flaminia’s friends the previous day, where we’ve been invited too. There are no rules in our wedding film-making,we see each wedding with fresh eyes allowing the events to inspire our creative vision.

Paolo and Flaminia committed their lives to each other and celebrated their love in an uninhibited way that made the most sense for them, that’s what their wedding film stands for. Beauty and Truth and feelings are the main ingredients of this emotional Wedding video that has been awarded even twice, by Inspiration Photographer and the Bride Association.


Villa Aurelia