An Elopement In Umbria

An Elopement In Umbria

As soon as we knew each other, it was like a sign to us: we were in an very stunning place with special people, being twice honoured to tell the love story of this nice and smart canadian couple Anthony&Emily, as she is a photographer we could share the same mindset as well.

We remember it was a very cold and windy May day, but that did not break the joyful mood of feast for everyone.   It a was a fairly intimate gathering with few special guests, immersed in the splendour of Tenuta Forte Sorgnano estate, one of the most exclusive italian wedding venue, located in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

It was such a dreamy wedding film   immersed in a magical atmosphere suspended between earth and sky,  the cameras focuses on Anthony and Emily spreading their emotional promise of choosing each other for today, tomorrow and forever over the magnificient valley around them.


Tenuta di Forte Sorgnano


Ortica Wedding