From USA To Rome Whit Love

From USA To Rome Whit Love


Several times we are asked : “What is the most beautiful wedding that you’ve recorded”?, we always reply that all weddings are beautiful and unique. Nevertheless, we have to admit that Alissa&Andrew’s wedding of was pretty incredible.

A very young couple coming from California decided to swear lasting love, with very close guests, just Alissa’s parents and sister, right in the eternal city as a guarantee of a special life together! Rome is a well-known open-air set with perfect weather, where each corner has its personal charme. Just think about how poetic could be having the Colosseum or the Capitol Hill in the background while you promise your eternal love. Just close your eyes and imagine a sunset wedding party on a roman terrace with a breathtaking view on the city’s majestic monuments!It was quite easy for us to tell the story of their wedding, as it took place in our faboulus city, but especially since we have never seen the joy and love in the eyes of a bride when she looks at her husband that we have seen in Alissa’s eyes.

Their destination wedding film focuses on the intimacy of the ceremony empowered by the greatness of Rome’s dramatic architectures. We will remember this wedding dearly, because of its simplicity and uniqueness.


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