Orthodox Wedding in Tivoli

Orthodox Wedding in Tivoli

We have worked in over a thousand weddings, but Marinel e Michaela’s one, was the first and unique occasion we came across to film an orthodox ceremony. They are a deeply loving couple since they were quite children and they got engaged when they’re were almost 16!

We’ve never seen before such a sparkling, joyful and entertaining wedding with songs and dancing right away the preparation. They danced pretty all day long, between the courses, at aperitivo and up to desserts. Their wedding film is as lively and dinamic as the whole ceremony.

The Orthodox ceremony really strucks us, and the practice of crowning along with other details, brought our memory back to medieval atmosphere. As well as the suggestive shooting taken in mystic Tivoli’s gardens, between enchanting waterfalls and Roman ruins.

We are honoured for being choosen to film their authentic love story in a natural scenario setting.