Luigi&Hilary Wedding at Park of Veio

Luigi&Hilary Wedding at Park of Veio

Luigi e Hilary are a very kind couple so easy to communicate with, they has been so nice, making us feel comfortable all the time. We are honoured for being choosen to film their authentic love story in a natural scenario setting. Where could be more magical place to host such a genuine couple’s wedding along with their beloved relatives and friends, than hidden amongst the trees in the hearth of the Roman countryside. That’s what “Le sette Fonti” stands for, an enchanting estate located in the middle of an archeological site, perfectly depicted in the dreamy shots by Ortica Wedding.

As creative videographers we love unconventional plot and Luigi&Hilary fitted this approach at all, infact watching their wedding film you’ll end up attending an intimate live concert played by the groom and some friends, at night, surrounded by the charming natural Park of Veio, nearby Rome. What could be the more fairy scene than a bride preparing herself in an exclusive wooden chalet in the woods with panoramic windows and a large terrace suspended over the oak trees. Luigi&Hilary’s wedding film is a truly romantic and touching keepsake they will cherish their whole lives.


Le 7 Fonti


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