Christmas Wedding in the Roman countryside

Christmas Wedding in the Roman countryside

Imagine an abundance of twinkling candles and fairy lights, cosy log fires, warm colour tones, and a very young couple celebrating their Wedding, on December 8th, with all beloved relatives and friends, in full Christmas atmosphere.

These are just some of the components for Giacomo&Vanessa’s Christmas wedding. Their touching Wedding Film pays homage to the authenticity of this couple and their devotion to tradition and strong family ties. Perhaps not by chance, it was filmed in a beautiful old farm in the Roman countryside, located in Tenuta Pantano Borghese Estate, a large historic property nearby the eternal city.

It was definitely a sparkling wedding day, which included also an incredible outdoor photo shoot session by Francesco Russotti on a hippie van carrying the guests to dinner party. It seemed like plunging in the seventies and than coming back to the present, finding yourself at once dancing with friends at a glam nightlife party.


Tenuta Pantano Borghese


Francesco Russotto