A romantic Destination Wedding in olive grove in Tuscany

A romantic Destination Wedding in olive grove in Tuscany

Marlot and Guus are a sweet couple from Holland, who share such a great passion for Italy, till they come to get married in Tuscany in the midst of a pandemic. Four adjectives describing the experience of their Destination Wedding in olive grove in Tuscany : loving, memorable, atmospheric, stunning! Being two absolute fond of Italy, they wanted to bring family and friends together for a destination wedding in Tuscany. 

The place they have always dreamed of, for its gorgeous venues and some of the best vistas and cuisine in the world. They spent the wedding weekend at Tenuta Sant’Ilario, a typical Tuscan ranch in the stunning tuscan countryside. The first day they enjoyed a big pool-party in the morning and a typical Italian pizza dinner in the evening, accompanied by a touching speech in which Marlot and Guus thanked all the guests name by name. 

On the day of the wedding, after got ready in their rooms with a few friends and parents, Marlot and Guus surprisingly joined all the guests to exchange vows in the middle of the olive groves. It was a sunny day and a rich golden light illuminated the gorgeous bride standing in that enchanting natural setting, and wonderfully captured by Rita Foldi!

The setting of the ceremony and the dinner table were just magical! All was in perfect Tuscan style, the olive branches all around and lights above the wooden table, gave a warm light and a welcoming atmosphere. All of our guests were in love with this place and kept repeating how this was the most beautiful wedding they have been to and how much they loved the place. 

Their wedding film is the perfect recording of a suggestive big day, where an uncompromising happiness was the real master. It was absolutely exciting to see the couple along with their beloved friends and parents kept on enjoying themselves and  singing songs in Dutch after dinner.

We felt very grateful to have had the chance to film Marlot and Guus’s romantic Wedding, and enjoy the day together in a dreamy scenario.  We feel also very proud because their Wedding video has been awarded by the Bride Association.



Tenuta Sant'Ilario


Rita Foldi