Igino&Valentina. A country-chic Wedding at Villa Tenuta dell’Olmo

Igino&Valentina. A country-chic Wedding at Villa Tenuta dell’Olmo

Igino&Valentina are a very nice couple and their wedding was very particular as it was not actually an “official wedding” since they’re already married in a civil ceremony and they also have a beautiful son, but this was their chance to celebrate it also with friends and relatives. Their story is very interesting, their romance blossomed at RAI’s television studios, as he is cameraman, (it was a honor for us to be chosen by a colleague) and she  is a dancer and they both work for RAI’s television programs. Their ceremony reflects the showbiz attitude, it was funny and emotional at the same time. During the wedding party some friends came out with a play, performing  Igino & Valentina’s roles, it was kind of special tale about their story, how they met and fell in love, narrated in “Romanesco” dialect by a relative.

It was a charming rainy day, and a wedding party was going on just in the middle of the Roman countryside, as Igino&Valentina choosed a very unique location for their ceremony,  the ancient  Villa Tenuta dell’olmo. The ideal location for a country-chic wedding film  immersed in the greenery,  where emotions were the real masters.We still remeber how amazing was when the couple took a rest in the stable amongst the hay bales, and  had an amazing unconventional shooting by Marco Tutone  in the abandoned greenhouses surrounding the Villa.

The final scene is particularly touching, as it films Igino and Valentina along with their son, tightened together in a tender endless embrace. Each time, our goal is to make a wedding video  that is as original as our couples’s wedding day.


Tenuta Dell'Olmo


Marco Tutone


Manola Spaziani