When it comes to the wedding industry, there are few things that can surprise us anymore. That is until we heard of this out-of-the-box professional: the Social Media Wedding Concierge. While family and friends will be busy enjoying the Big day, this professional will be capturing your wedding day in real time, posting videos and pictures of those beautiful moments onto the social media platforms you choose.

Wedding goes social

We normally spend about 100 minutes a day surfing the web bouncing between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc… It seems that every moment should be shared virtually in real time, and the Wedding Day stands for one of those special event of life to be told and shared by all means! As well as our lives are “social”, also marriages are becoming more and more social: from the couple’s arriving to the fateful “yes”, from the first dancing to the cutting cake, anything will be missed for an unforgettable 2.0 Wedding.


Who is the Social Media Wedding Concierge?

The Social Media Wedding Concierge is a professional in the field of Social Media and Videophotography, and passionate about wedding industry. Who, smartphone in hand, does the social direction of your wedding, capturing the most beautiful moments of the event to share with friends and family, no matter where they. The Social Media Wedding Concierge do the grunt work, so cuples can have all the fun and focus on what’s really important: their wedding day!

What does a social media wedding concierge do?

The Social Media Wedding Concierge updates your Instagram and Facebook profiles status, posting in real time documentary-style photos and live video of the Big Day to turn the moments captured in a unique big virtual album. Among the consultant’s important job responsibilities are pinning your registry items and dream honeymoon destinations to Pinterest, and creating unified hashtags to make sure guests are all posting using the correct ones.

What else might a social media concierge handle?

The Social Media Wedding Concierge sets up a social structure that revolves around the event but that can be not limited to the day of the ceremony. It allows friends and relatives to follow the couple and browse behind the scenes, from the search of the wedding dress to the creation of stunning gallery after the event. He also deals with the creation of Wedding list on Pinterest, pre-wedding content and wedding invitations sent via DEM, up to the organization of the bachelor / bachelor party on Facebook

Why hiring a social media concierge for the Wedding Day?

woman taking photo on phone of stylish wedding bride and groom posing. photo booth. wedding couple making photos with friends on phone camera. hand holding smartphone

To turn your Wedding into a stunning event make room for this professional in your budget and let him/her do the grunt work of sharing the event with those who can’t be there, so you can have all the
fun and focus on what’s really important, your wedding day. To add a professional touch to your wedding day’s social media stream and to remove the stress from having the bride or an attendant worry about posting live photos from the wedding and missing out on the best moments. Plus, you’ll be able to see photos from your wedding day weeks before your photographer delivers their photos.