Big fat weddings have been a topic of discussion across different platforms over several years. As the world is progressing and the rate of development across the region is getting higher, people have developed a much larger spending capacity over the last couple of decades. This has in turn given a huge rise to the event industry. People are spending huge for celebrating the personal occasion and wish to celebrate with a large group of people. Destination weddings are also a very preferable trend now. People want their venues to be decorated beautifully; a huge amount is invested in choosing clothes, a large section of food, and to showcase all of this, the best Wedding Photographers are chosen. People also take a step ahead and choose the world-renowned Italian wedding photographers and be able to make great memories through the best quality photos and videos.

But in the last couple of years, the event industry has hit a huge blockage in form of covid 19. Almost every industry has seen the worst days since covid. Government around the world took restrictive measures to stop the pace of the virus and since then weddings are either getting postponed or are arranged in low-key ceremonies. Let us discuss why a small wedding celebration is the best idea for now.

Social distancing is a crowded space is very stressful

Social distancing is the new reality after covid happened and it seems to remain as a safety protocol for some time now. But everyone has to set out their foot for some reason. It might be to reach out to your workplace through public transit or a visit to a nearby supermarket, which is already full of plenty of people buying daily grocery stuff. It becomes almost impossible for anyone to avoid such a crowd and people unwillingly have to put themselves in between the crowd and put themselves at risk of contracting covid 19.  The same scenario could well happen in a wedding ceremony or event where you are at an enclosed venue among a lot of people without a mask or any kind of safety measure and you put you are your family at risk. So it could be termed a better option to keep your celebration a low-key affair and be relatively safer.

The growing number of venues

Isn’t it too obvious that most of the functions are on the same typical pattern where you choose an enticing venue among all those multiple luxury options already available and the event Is organized in the same set pattern, following most of the trendy activities being done almost in all the places? This set of event patterns are becoming too monotonous and now is the perfect time to bring about a change. Instead of doing a regular typical wedding event, it’s time to choose a more secluded yet appealing option, like hiring an open van and taking it around the most beautiful part of the city with your limited guest and bringing in an Italian wedding photographer who could cover an out of the league event in the most interesting way


Delay but don’t cancel the celebration

It is not the best choice to cancel the celebration you were planning for so long. Don’t let those chit-chats with your cousins and best friend planning about the celebration in the middle of the night go in vain. It’s recommended to rather keep it a small, intimate wedding with all very close people around and plan for a bigger event to later part of the year when things get back to normal.

Cost savings

There is no doubt about the fact that people wish to have a big grand celebration when it comes down to one of the most important days of their life. But there are still better alternates to use the same money in a much more efficient way. There is no point in bragging around after hosting one of the biggest celebrations in the town. A good celebration with a decent arrangement remains the priority but saving all the unnecessary spending might give you the leverage to plan much more for your partner than one would have after spending that kind of exorbitant amount on a celebration.

Small weddings are romantic

There is no doubt in putting up this fact that small weddings are much more romantic and peaceful. They are always a better alternate in respect to putting up a list of 200 guests and then the same melodrama of different varieties of people putting up their thoughts of how all the things could have been better. Small gatherings will help the destination wedding photographer to put most of the people in the frame who are close to you and your family. Photos come out much more decent in this case and the peaceful event gives you ultimate satisfaction.