Though evening weddings are still the most relevant, hosting a Brunch wedding is becoming more and more popular among couples. A daytime wedding is truly a wonderful way to have a more relaxed affair that may give you the chance to spend a longer timeline with friends and family. In this article you’ll find a bunch of ideas to follow for making the most out of your ultimate Brunch wedding.

Brunch wedding or Daytime wedding, the latest trend we are obsessed with!

Classic Weddings are exceptional events, but they can be stress-producing and much more expensive! Planning a wedding in fact, could take more than a year and involves a bunch of aspects, from choosing the right outfits to choosing the perfect venue and so on. These days, more and more couples search for more meaningful and sample ceremonies, shifting to a more casual celebration, such as a Brunch wedding celebrated in daytime.

People love brunch pretty as much as weddings, so, it comes without saying that combining the two with a Brunch wedding continues to grow in popularity among newlyweds. As more weddings are held outdoors, couples may choose to have a morning wedding and brunch reception, for enjoying sun-kissed experiences.

Planning a Brunch Wedding

Brunch weddings are obviously more relaxing than evening celebrations, but they still need a certain level of creative planning. Truly, brunches can be as original or as casual as the newlyweds wish, anyway, stress levels go down because there are pretty fewer decisions to make about reception, decors and more. When it comes to planning a daytime wedding, there are certain differences between this time of the day and an evening wedding that are important to consider. Keep reading for tips on planning your ultimate morning wedding.

Brunch wedding: plan the timing

When it comes to planning a Brunch wedding, we have to consider certain important differences between this time of day and an evening wedding. If the thought of waking up so early scares you, a brunch wedding may not be ideal, because depending on the details of your daytime wedding, you might be dealing with a tight schedule that stars before dawn. In morning weddings, Brunch receptions are typically scheduled between 11 a.m. and 2-3 p.m, with the wedding ceremony happening right before, between 10 am – 10:30 am. To make everyone feel welcome and more comfortable, arrange a “coffee corner”  with hot coffee of course along with pastries or other treats, to assure your guests a pleasant awakening! 

Choosing the Venue for your morning Wedding

Brunch weddings are typically smaller and more informal than evening ones, so couples can be flexible with the venue. Moreover, since morning weddings aren’t  so common, venues usually have more availability which means that  it’s more easy to find it, avoiding stress. Anyway, remember to talk to venue coordinators about your timing to see if it meets their availability, since you’ll be working with a hard deadline! Before booking a brunch spot for your daytime wedding, try to see it during the time of day you’re planning your reception. Make sure that venues  feature ideal lighting and shadows for good morning videos and photos, you can also ask your videographer to check out your choices. Popular locations include gardens, greenhouses, restaurants with outdoor patio, and even your backyard can work

outdoor brunch wedding couple

Décor that match the Brunch Wedding Vibes

A brunch wedding differs from an evening celebration in more ways than just the time of the day. Truly it tends to feel more like a garden party or a bridal shower. Even if with a morning wedding you have the flexibility to make it as casual or as formal as you wish, you must consider the ways decorations can reflect that. Keep it light and romantic instead of dark and dramatic, because no one will be expecting dramatic centerpieces and impressive uplighting. Elevate your brunch wedding with creative dècor options: use wildflower in mason jars, set up festive food stations instead of sit-down meal or classic buffet, or think of cozy brunch boxes under airy tents.

What’s the Menu of a Brunch wedding?

A full menu is the key, and the possibilities are quite endless. Think plenty of appetizers and salads, with some daytime-friendly mains. If you want to make your morning wedding even more unique and wow your guests,  you can offer food stations, such as a waffle bar or omelet stations. A typical brunch reception will take place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m, so  if you’d like it to be more of a breakfast, consider a coffee corner with sweet treats consisting of pastries, scones, fruit and more!  And of course, don’t forget the drinks. Serve juices and coffee, or light cocktails like mimosas or Bellini, before moving onto the main course. Offer lighter wines or champagne alongside a luncheon menu. Finally, you can skip the traditional cake and just have a tasty dessert table filled with any kind of sweeties. Whatever you end up doing, make sure there’s plenty to go around!

What Should we wear at a Brunch Wedding ?

As we said several times, Brunch weddings tend to be far less formal than those with evening receptions, so it’s fundamental to choose the right balance between being too casual or too formal. Many newlyweds having a day time wedding tend to choose a lighter and less formal version of classical wedding attire. Since all of the events will take place during the day, many brides go for fewer embellishments and shorter or maxi sundresses, to feel more comfortable and have more fun. They can also add some green touches such as bohemian patterns, floral ties and crowns. Just as brides can ditch the traditional wedding gown, also grooms can get rid off the black tuxedo, opting for more vivid attire, wearing a gray or light blue suit or trousers and shirt with linen trousers.


How to Choose the Perfect Entertainment for Your Daytime Wedding 

As the brunch receptions typically end in the early to late afternoon, if you want your Brunch wedding to last longer tell your venue about this possibility and consider planning funny wedding activities make to entertain guests after the official celebrations. Remember that your guests may not be as willing to hit the dance floor in the early afternoon, so  it’s a good idea to opt for alternative entertainment choices, like karaoke, photo booth made by guests or painting sessions in which guests decorated a canva which served as a keepsake for the couple. You can also think of arranging a tour of the city or a boat tour as well, to spend a great time with your closest guests.

Conclusions: the pros of a daytime wedding

Since morning weddings aren’t as common as evening celebrations, it more likely you’ll to find lots of venues available on weekend mornings, and at lower costs. In fact, one of the biggest pro of a Brunch wedding is saving money! Planning a Brunch wedding is easier and more casual then an evening one, you can do get rid of the elaborated traditional wedding design, reception, decors and so on. Moreover, often evening weddings should make guests a bit exhausted at the end of the day. Instead, having a daytime wedding means you leave your reception around 2-3 p.m. so you have bunch of time to relax with your new spouse or keep the party going on with your closest friends.