More and more couples decide to consecrate their union without the religious or civil rite, or, at least, not only. Many are inclined to arrange simplest and more meaningful ceremonies to celebrate their romance, choosing a so called  Symbolic (Blessing, Commitment) Wedding. The couples interested in this type of celebration want to focus on the spiritual meaning of the ceremony, relying on feelings and emotions. A Symbolic Wedding is more unique as spouses will have a bespoke ceremony that truly reflects their values, wishes and style. And when it comes to plan an unforgettable Commitment, where creativity will play a big part, a Symbolic Wedding ceremony in Italy with its all its beauties, is the best destination to indulge in. 

What is a symbolic wedding ceremony?

A symbolic wedding ceremony, as the term suggests, has a “symbolic” meaning, but not necessarily legal value or religious significance, and not even requirements to follow or documents to provide. It is certainly a different choice from the classic marriage (Catholic, Jewish, Protestant) or civil one. A symbolic rite has an incomparable charge of emotions, because it is a personal decision of the couples who want to consolidate the strength of their relationship, without any legal constraints. The main feature of a Blessing is in fact, its complete flexibility: it is a tailor-made rite that can be performed according to spouses specific wishes regardless of religious, gender, or cultural background. 

What is it like?

Since couples are not bound by any restrictions, it’s up to them to decide how the ceremony is going to be like. The content and style of the blessing is really endless, and depends on the tastes and personal needs of the couple. They can choose the format they wish: it can be formal or relaxed, either traditional or creative! Depending on couple’s tastes, a symbolic wedding ceremony could be similar to a religious one without the religious character! It will be organized with the same running order, like the bride entrance, the exchange of the promises and rings, but in a more relaxed way. Or, on contrary for many couples it means having a more original celebration, made of games, surprises and other fun rituals. Moreover, the ceremony can be officiated at any time, by any person chosen by the spouses, and held in any location would be significant for them. According to couple’s needs, whether creative or logistic, a symbolic wedding ceremony could be performed in a garden, a medieval castle or on a beach, with any sort of readings, poems and music they may like.

Reasons to get married with a symbolic ceremony 

The spouses may decide to marry exclusively with this type of ceremony or celebrate it together with the religious or civil ceremony. As we can see below, the symbolic blessing is completely suitable for different situations.

  • It may be a good idea if you are simply not interested in the traditional wedding ceremonies or you haven’t enough time or willingness to prepare the documentation needed for a religious or civil ceremony.
  • A symbolic rite is ideal for those couples who are already married but wish a fairytale ceremony or want to celebrate their marriage anniversary in a more informal way. 
  • If spouses are of different religion, a symbolic rite is the perfect solution to incorporate aspects of both faiths. As well as in the case of divorced couples who are not allowed to re-marry in church, Catholics usually marry in a registry office and then have a symbolic blessing. 

Last but not the least, a blessing may be held anywhere that fits couple’s desires, and when it comes to plan a dreamy destination wedding, a symbolic wedding in Italy can’t be best choice!

Why choosing a symbolic ceremony in Italy

For couples who want to arrange a more spiritual wedding, immersed in extremely charming venues, pampered by a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, Blessing in Italy would be quite perfect. Since this type of ceremony allows the couples to design freely each singular element of the event, opting for Italy as the destination of your symbolic wedding  means having the chance to choose among the finest venues and experiences in the world. In fact, get married in Italy with a symbolic ceremony is becoming more and more popular: with its variety of landscapes and typical features, the Belpaese offers the best alternatives to suit every style and take each ceremony to a very personal level. From intimate gatherings to large parties, from luxury to country celebrations, the italian wedding venues are quite endless: from historical places, such as centuries-old chapels, medieval castles, as well as elegant Renaissance villas, lovely farmhouses immersed in the countryside, or any other location you think of. 

Special venues for the perfect Symbolic wedding in Italy

Italy offers a huge variety of options to let the dream of a symbolic ceremony come true, without any bureaucratic, stylistic, or weather-related limits. Because of the great offer, the choice of venue is the hardest, but if you want to play it safe, we’ll recommend some fairy italian places where to celebrate dreamy symbolic ceremonies.

Blessing in the eternal city of Rome


A Symbolic wedding in Rome is a real journey in Italy’s treasure wealth: renaissance and baroque buildings, rooftop terraces, frescoed exclusive villas, luxury wedding hotels and wonderful Basilica. The list of extraordinary venues for your reception and party is quite endless! Rome is a great mix of architectural and artistic masterpieces, ancient ruins, huge squares, “piazze”, and many more highlights of the city is a dramatic travel between the centuries. Few other places in the world have such a variety of spectacular settings and panoramas for ceremonies! You may opt for a prestigious Baroque Palazzo located in the centre of the city or choosing a breathtaking rooftop terrace overlooking the iconic Coliseum, Spanish Steps or Piazza Navona. If you wish a more intimate atmosphere you can get married in the private little chapel of an aristocratic building.  For an informal ceremony many newlyweds decide to stroll “passeggiata” in the old neighborhood of Trastevere, the stronghold of Roman cuisine, with dozens of little bars and typical restaurants all lined together across the cobbled streets around. 

Country-chic Symbolic ceremony  in Tuscany


If you are considering celebrating a very special Symbolic Wedding inin the heart of Italy, in a place full of wonders, Tuscany can offer idyllic sceneries. Choosing to get married in Tuscany means to celebrate your spiritual ceremony in one of the lovely little hamlets spread in the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by the most beautiful rolling gentle hills of the world. You may also choose the calm of an ancient top hill farmhouse overlooking Tuscany’s iconic vineyard and olive groves all around, enjoying delicious organic food and excellent winel. That’s definitely the perfect heirloom for a pleasant symbolic wedding event with friends and family. Instead, for those couples who want to add a touch of elegance to their Blessing, a  typical old -century villa  would be the right choice. An elegant spot with lush gardens and classy  “loggia” overlooking the Chianti countryside, will ensure you a unique romantic Blessing.

Magical symbolic wedding in Venice 

Celebrating  your symbolic wedding in the Floating City of Venice means make it even more special! Imagine yourself saying the “fateful yes” while floating on the water of the Venetian lagoon, passing underneath the enchanting Bridges, like  Rialto or  The Sospiri bridge.  Another original way to celebrate your symbolic wedding in Venice is on a gondola, maybe at sunset! You may celebrate your Blessing also on a magnificent terrace with overlooking over St. Giorgio Maggiore island and St. Mark’s Basin. Venice has also sumptuous Palaces facing the Grand Canal or other hidden water canals, with magnificent halls decorated by precious stuccoes and furnitures, like Murano glass chandeliers, rich oriental tromp l’oeil and large mirrors enhancing a romantic atmosphere. Venice provides settings with uncomparable elegance for a unique and everlasting symbolic wedding in Italy.

Glamorous Blessing in Positano, Amalfi Coast 

The magical Amalfi Coast offers a rich variety of spots where performing a symbolic wedding in Italy in the grandest manner. From the small towns perched on the rocks to the colorful tiny houses and the terraces overlooking the sea, every corner on the Amalfi Coast provides the best scenario for your symbolic ceremony! Among the several charming locations here, we can’t recommend you the astonishingly Positano. A real italian treasure that offers lots of locations  where performing the Blessing you’ve always dreamed of: lovely see-view terrace of beautiful hotels, unique Norman watchtowers and, private villas and even exclusive sailing boats. You couldn’t ask for more! A special outdoor ceremony can be celebrated in the botanical garden of the exclusive 18th century Palazzo Murat located in the center of Positano, walking distance from the beach. In addition, from here you can simply take a bus or a  ferry to reach the surrounding cities of wonders, like Pompeii, Naples and the fabulous Capri, Sorrento and Ravello

Romantic symbolic wedding in Italy at the Lake


Choosing  to celebrate your symbolic wedding in one of the Italian Lakes: Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda or the small and intimate Lake Orta, is wonderful idea  for an intimate and private moment to share with your friends and family. Weddings ceremonies in the Lake district combine the magnific geographic position of the lakes, surrounded by the dramatic Alps, with some of the most exclusive wedding locations and the finest cuisine. You can select your perfect venue among: luxury villas with amazing view of mountains and lakes, impressive Medieval castles surrounded by olive groves and cypresses,  panoramic chapels,  nineteenth-century palaces with luxuriant gardens and so on!