There are different ways to plan a wedding according to personal taste and style of the newlyweds: some opt for a traditional theme, others choose to go all modern. One of the latest and most in vogue trend in wedding industry – to draw inspiration from – is the boho-chic theme wedding. Inspired by nature, this theme fits any type of ceremony (civil, religious or symbolic), since it gives the opportunity to make the most out of everything we’re surrounded by, creating original settings. When it comes to creating stunning sets for your wedding day, a Boho-chic wedding in Italy is all you need!

What is meant by “boho-chic” style?

The english term “BoHo”, often used along with “Chic” (the French for “elegant”), is an abbreviation of “Bohemian Homeless”, and was imported from French in the mid 19th century. It was used for defining the unconventional lifestyle of a group of artists and intellectuals, who refused to comply with bourgeois social establishment. For distinguishing themselves from the norm of the time, they used to wear bright colors, unconventional sizes and floral items,  pulling influence from the hippie culture and the gypsy lifestyle.  Due to its historical origins, Boho style fits perfectly for creative couples who want to avoid triviality on wedding! Bohemian marriages are so trendy because the only actual limit is your imagination! You can create your own style choosing any type of colours, decoration and materials. 

Boho-chic wedding decors

Planning a wedding ceremony with a Bohemian theme means getting in touch with nature, so the elements on which to focus are those that highlight naturalness. Rustic wood, floral garlands, scented candles will create the warm and friendly boho vibes. The decorations are an essential component of this theme: for the reception bare rustic tables, romantic outdoor lighting installations, chic wildflowers arrangements (including colourful flower crown) should be preferred. Instead, for the fabrics to be used to cover the tables, you can opt for non-worked fabrics, from shades close to the colors of the earth, to soft wisteria, ivory, blue.  Another must-have prop for a bohemian rustic wedding is simple stationery with natural tones, handwritten fonts and natural motifs that reminds about the old-fashioned correspondence.

Bohemian Wedding table

Best locations for a Boho-chic wedding in Italy

Key elements of the boho-chic style are abundance of natural elements and stunning panoramas, in fact this theme is ideal for outdoor weddings. Blessed with great weather, amazing landscapes and abundance of historical venues , Italy will offer everything you need to plan a timeless Boho theme wedding. Below, some of the gorgeous examples of locations found in Italy suitable to host this kind of wedding, to get inspiration from.

Romantic Boho-chic wedding in a medieval castle in Umbria

Nothing is more country-chic than a wedding in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. Bordered by Tuscany, Marche and Lazio, Umbria is famous for its gentle green hills, historical towns (Assisi, Perugia, Norcia, Gubbio, Orvieto, Spoleto, Todi and natural wonders like Lake Trasimeno (central Italy’s largest lake) and Cascata delle Marmore. The charm of this region comes from its magical mix of pure nature, art, and peace.  A wedding location that surely contains this magical blend is Tenuta di Fortesorgnano , an impressive estate nestled in the green hills of Umbria, including a medieval castle, with an hamlet, located on top of a hill and immersed in unspoilt luxuriant countryside. The  castle,  from the Lombardian era is over 1000 years old, and has turned into an elegant location suitable for dreamy wedding events. You can get married in one of the enchanting halls of the castle, have the ceremony on the panoramic terrace overlooking the entire valley and organize the wedding banquet in the Inner Court of the castle.

Classy Boho-chic wedding in a beautiful Tuscany Villa 

Tuscany has always been the perfect postcard location for both italian and foreigner spouses, to say “I do”. The cradle of Renaissance is well known for uniting in one place, priceless landscapes, impressive architecture, exclusive handicraft and the finest cuisine. Tuscany has a territory rich in art, we all know about the wonders of of Florence, Siena, and amazing coastal regions, such as Versilia and Monte Argentario overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea. For couples who have longed for a special Boho-chic wedding in Italy, celebrate it in the Tuscan countryside is particularly recommended. In Val d’Orcia or the suggestive countryside of Chianti, stunning vineyards and valleys create a colorful carpet spotted by historical Estates and elegant Villas with amazing views of the surrounding  gentle hills. Immersed in the silence of the Tuscan countryside, the Villa di Lilliano, a  prestigious private 11th-century Medicean Villa in the south of Florence, has all you need to celebrate your Boho-chic destination wedding in Italy. With its own tiny chapel, a panoramic garden  and a beautiful terraced park, it offers the opportunity to celebrate your bohemian wedding in an authentic romantic Tuscany atmosphere. From the garden of the villa  you can see the wonderful panorama of olive groves and vineyard, while from the Terrace you have a breathtaking view on the city of Florence and its Duomo. Couldn’t ask for more!

Rustic Boho-chic wedding in the Roman countryside

During the Middle Ages, the papacy moved here to escape disorder in the Eternal City. Far from massive tourism, the countryside around Rome, in Lazio region, is a wide territory nearby Tuscany and Umbria, waiting to be discovered, especially if you are planning a Boho-chic wedding in Italy. Let’s think of the Lazio Maremma with lush vineyards, grasslands and olive groves, or the evocative area of Tuscia, with its medieval villages nestled in  green hills and the ancient Etruscan ruins around. A unique mosaic of amazing colors and panoramas, where you will find lovely villas and  farmhouses overlooking Tiber’s valley, that perfect fit your Boho-chic wedding in Italy. Get married in the Roman countryside will be a delight also for the palate as here you will also taste the traditional dishes of Sabine hills based on local food like, mushrooms, truffles, goat cheese and olive oil.