We all know that the location is one of the most essential elements for a memorable and unique wedding ceremony.  When it comes to planning your wedding abroad, there is no doubt that Italy is the major choice offering stunning landscapes, culture and delicious food. In recent years in fact, the number of couples from Europe and all over the globe who decide to get married in Italy, is quite skyrocketing.

Why Italy is one of the most popular destinations wedding around the world?

There’s a bunch of reasons why having an italian-style wedding  is for many spouses synonymous with beauty, class and taste. Let’s find out why getting married in Italy matters!

  • Settings and traditions Our heritage and country providespretty limitless settings to plan an unforgettable destination Wedding celebration. Italy has a singular variety of the fairness of nature harmonically blended with the charm of centuries-old culture and traditions.  From the mountains to the valleys, from the crystal clear sea to the elegant lakes, from medieval towns with and breathtaking castles to art cities with centuries old churches, to lovely farmhouses and historic villas immersed in the lush countryside. Each region of Italy has different amazing landscapes, no view is the same, no spot is identical.You can definitely get lost in picturesque cities, local traditions and timeless architecture that can enrich your wedding of culture, art and history.
  • Weather If you’re wondering which is the most suitable season to get married in Italy, the answer would be definitely, the one you prefer! This means you can pretty much bank on the weather since Italy has almost always a mild delightful weather. However the wedding season “officialy’ begins in April and goes till the middle of October, even if many couples also choose the off-season (February, March) beacuse of the lower costs and most  availability of wedding venues. 
  • Cuisine A big part of the whole Italian experience is undoubtedly its culinary tradition. It goes without saying that everyone would like to enjoy, once in their life, italian cuisine, celebrated around the globe for its unique tastes and aromas. Get married in Italy means also filling the wedding reception with delicious dishes prepared with the freshest food, and accompanied with incomparable locally made wines, such as Chianti or Prosecco.
  • Hospitality Italians are warm and absolutely hospitable, making feel everyone at home!Italy has also the longest experience of welcoming weddings for both italians  and foreigners. They are the best when it comes to planning, cooking, drinking and partying!  Due to many years of practice in this field, wedding planners, videographers, caterers and florists are very professional and will make your special day perfect. That’s why spouses will be in safe hands here, as we say “Italians do it better”! That’s why spouses will be in safe hands here, as we say…italians do it better!

And at last, when the wedding ceremony is over, spouses will enjoy a beautiful vacation or even their honeymoon in the Belpaese. Whatever you choose to do, it will be a memorable experience to be cherished lifetime!

Best venues for an authentic Italian-style wedding

When it comes to designing and planning a destination wedding ceremony, the great beauty of Italy is second-to-none! From the stylish lifestyle of Lake Como to the sun-drenched terraces overlooking the Amalfi coast, till the the romance of Venice, the historic panorama of Florence and the Dolce Vita of Rome. The Belpaese is well-known for offering endless interesting alternatives to suit every need, personality and style. From intimate gatherings to big events, from sophisticated to more natural weddings, there’s the embarrassment of riches, which truly exceed the expectations of couples and their guests.

Exclusive Wedding on Italian Lake District


For couples dreaming of a classy and spectacular wedding, opting for Italian Lakes couldn’t be better choice! You can celebrate your special day on majestic places that has enchanted poets and painters for centuries, such as Lake Como, Lake Garda or Lake Maggiore. They are famous for their prestigious castles available for civil ceremonies and panoramic churches for Catholic rites, magnificent hotels and luxury villas with breath-taking view on the Lake’s crystal water immersed in the dramatic scenario of Alpi mountains. Moreover, thanks to the Mediterranean climate these areas provide ideal venues for luxury and stylish outdoor ceremonies. Whereas, for couples looking for more intimate wedding event, the best option could be the picturesque Lake Orta, the only Italian lakes’ car-free town. A tiny star in the costellation of the northern Lake District that concentrates all the beauties of big lakes in a unique frame: pastel colored houses with cheerful flowering balconies, the lake view Motta Square with its garden cafés, ovelooked by the Palazzo della Comunità or Palazotto – a frescoed 16th century town hall. Finally, for spouses dreaming a fantasy wedding, the best venue would be Lake Bracciano, an amazing volcanic lake surrounded by forests and olive groves, just few kilometres from Rome, where you can feel the heritage of the eternal city. Here it’s possible to saying vows in the most impressive medieval castle left in all the world and walk through the ancient narrow streets of the villages surrounding the lake, enjoying Renaissance buildings and authentic craft shops.

Bucolic Wedding in the Italian countryside

If you are  planning a bucolic Intimate Wedding far from the crowd, opting for the venues immersed in the Italian countryside would be a good choice. Central Italy offers one of the best countryside scenario where to celebrate weddings between semplicity and refinement. This area, known as The Heart of Italy located beyond  Tuscany and Umbria borders, is ideal wedding location for those who want to live the quintessence of the Italian lifestyle atmosphere. The gentle green rolling hills covered with vineyards and olive groves and dotted by stone hamlets, ancient villas and cozy farmhouses, create a unique country-chic wedding scenario. Enjoying the best dishes and wines ever immersed in the quietness of the countryside, will remain engraved in your heart forever as well as your Wedding day!

Romantic seaside wedding venues


Italy has a mix of historical sites and colorful bays, gentle gulfs and exciting rocking cliffs that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. If the charm of a beach wedding, with the sunset on the horizon and the sound of waves crashing on the shore are a must for your marriage in Italy, then look no further than Amalfi Coast and Apulia. Amalfi Coast…no need of introduction for it! Located in Southern Italian region of Campania,  it’s definitely an astonishing mosaic of colorful perched villages, such as Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Capri and Amalfi, that still preserve old traditions, excellent cuisine and romantic atmosphere. They are actually small slices of heaven, with pastel-shaded building along narrow streets dropping into the Mediterranean sea, where to enjoy warm seaside weather and lemon trees scent, for a perfect romantic destination weddings at any time of year. 

Sitting in the very southeast of Italy, Apulia forms the heel of the country’s famous boot, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the west, its breathtaking seacoast is well-known for crystal waters and white sandy beaches. In between the coasts, olive groves and vineyards stretch for miles, dotted by pretty white washed towns and facades, as well as small stone houses with conical roof called “Trulli”, and renewed traditional farmhouse known as “Masseria. These traditional venues have become popular in recent years, thanks to vips and couples who want to celebrate their Big Day maintaining cozy atmosphere and refined level of beauty. Puglia has long been one of the leading Italian suppliers for haute couture weddings dresses; thanks to a long tradition of dress-making skills, innovative design and exquisite fabrics. 

Timeless Wedding in art cities


Regardless the season, Italian cities are the perfect scenario make for the most romantic day of your life. Apart from the popular cities of wonder, like Rome, the eternal city, Florence, the cradle of Renaissance and Venice, the city of love, there are lesser famous spots to explore: from medieval hamlets to walled cities filled with some of the world’s finest art and even archeological sites, such as Pompei, Ercolano, Agrigento, Paestum, the list is actually never ending! Marked by the initiatives of patrons and extraordinary artists, these cities are not only the breeding ground of intense artistic expressions, but are themselves enchanting art masterpieces steeped in beauty, culture and architecture. Due to their intense relationship with great powers, they were built over times as residences of magnificent people (like popes, emperors, kings and dukes) and the seats of governments that still preserve the original framework, showing  treasures at every corner! Whether you choose to get married indoors or outdoors, the scenery will be gorgeous open-air museums with dramatic statues, monuments and majestic churches  that can be enjoyed and admired on foot. Cities of arts can be a dream destination for those who are looking for a romantic Italian style elopement or a big wedding overlooking the vestiges of a glourious past. A blessed union of culture, traditions and excitement worth to be chosen as backdrop  of your wonderful love story.

A full Italian-style Wedding Experience: conclusions

Have you seen how many diverse wedding destinations Italy has? We will be glad to film your best wedding in Italy letting you appreciate our country in all its shade, from architecture to cuisine. Getting married in Italy is a dream we will be pleased to help you make it true! To make sure not to miss a single detail of that special day and relive it every time you watch your wedding Film get in touch!